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Default Re: is there any websites....

Jesus man the kid was only asking for a website that would give out some free samples. Jewels tobacco has been giving out free samples but I don't know if they are anymore.
It's not like he was begging for freebies from any vendors here, he was simply asking a question and seeing that there have been websites that pass out free samples in the past, his question was neither worthless, nor offensive and didn't deserve any kind of offensive response to it.
If you want to buy 50g tobacco packs, that's cool, but don't get on somebody's ass just because they ask a question if there's a website out there who is giving out free samples.

And I think we can both agree that tobacco reviews and samples are NOT the same thing.

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Reason for the contest DaSebsch. HookahStore is gracious enough to give out samples to everyone that wants to participate. You can try out, for free, tobacco that way. Most digital cameras have a setting to record video and I know most people have a digital camera.

Other than that find a local tobacco shop, no shipping that way.
That's what I'm saying. I know HookahStore will probably win a lot of business for doing this because now a lot of people found new flavors they like and since HookahStore sponsored this contest, they'll most likely order from them. I haven't gotten any samples, but I'll be sure to order from them next time just because they've given out these free samples.

Yeah, but like I said, some of the 50g samples are like $6 so I'm not gonna spend $6 on something that I don't know if I like or not. I don't have a Greencard so I can't work here, I watch my money closely. I look at the reviews, but like I said, there's nothing like smoking the tobacco and experiencing the smoke yourself. I'm not about to spend $20 on a tobacco just because somebody here says it's good or because it tastes like "Orange with a hint of mint and some apple in there". That may sound appealing, but still won't convince me to spend $20 on it...

And I'm not saying that the vendors here should give out free samples, I'm just saying that it would be to the benefit of the manufacturer to pass out some samples to places like this, especially of their new flavors.