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Default Misinformed People

So I went into Lowe's today to get some fittings and vinyl tubing for my custom hose and asked a guy for some help. I found the 1/2" grade hose and needed help with the fittings. I handed him my old hookah hose mouthpiece and he tried finding a fitting for me. He ended up not finding one and told me my only other option would be to get a smaller hose. He then said "Is this being used for what I think it's being used for?". I say "I'm using it for a hookah hose." He says, "Thought so, a smaller hose will restrict airflow, I can't help you with this." He then hands me the mouth piece and says, "Can you do me a favor and wipe that off?" I go, "Excuse me?". He says "Wipe that piece off, I don't want my finger prints on that thing." and walks away...

Needless to say I went to Home Depot and they fixed it all up for me.
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