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Default Re: A good starting point.

First of all I would recommend avoiding Genuine Hookahs. Iíve heard so many horror stories that it seems crazy to buy anything from that guy. Likewise, I strongly recommend staying away from any ebay sellers other then Taqseem and Caravansarai. Those two are decent suppliers by all accounts.

Beyond that Iíd like to state that when buying a narghile itís important to not focus primarily upon saving a few dollars. Instead, you should be looking for something that will last you a lot of years and remember that youíll spend far more on charcoal and shisha in a year then you will on your rig so make sure that you get something that is well built rather then thinking primarily about price. For get about anything less then 50 or so USD.

Personally, am a against acrylic because itís easily cross threaded and broken. I would recommend a well made Egyptian or Syrian rig with a solid brass core because they last for ever smoke far better then the Chinese made MYA products that are sold are everywhere. khalil Maamoon makes great stuff but Iíd also recommend El'Ashrey although Arabica Souk products are fantastic as are lots of other Syrian made narghiles.

Companies I can recommend from personal experiance:

- Jimmy Zaid (heís a member here) of Hookahs ETC who has some great Syrian stuff so drop him a line
- (great Syrians and service)
- (Great service and very fine Egyptian and Syrian products)
- ( nice Khalil Maamoons and service and some hard to get stuff)
Arabica Souk (I canít recall the URL so PM if you want if)
while I have not personally gotten anything from Nazar I have heard nothing but positive things about him so Iíd say he deserves your consideration.

I hope this help.
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