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Default Re: is there any websites....

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
$3 is not a big deal, but when you start seeing $6 for 50g, it's starting to get expensive.
I'm not saying this to criticize the vendors or manufacturers. We all know that vendors here at HP greatly contribute to the community and are always willing to help members out. I'm just saying that I believe if let's say SB or Fantasia were to send out some free samples of their less known flavors, they'd probably gain some business.
True enough, but personally, that's the reason I don't buy such brands. It seems you reach a point of diminishing returns. If I'm going to spend twice as much, I expect a product with twice the quality, and the fact is brands like Starbuzz and fantasia just don't live up to their astronomical cost.

In fact, even if Starbuzz's price came down to a level of being comparable to Al Fakher, I''d still prefer AF.