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Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
Who said anything about expecting something for free? I just got my free sample of Jewels tobacco that I requested a couple of months ago and they sent it out because they're trying to get the word out about their new tobacco.

You said that there are samples available all the time so I was wondering if maybe I was missing something.

Not always do contests include free samples man. This contest, yes, other contests, not always.

If it's not so hard to get samples, why not explain the thread starter how to get them instead of insulting him?
Last post before I remove myself from this thread :

Theres no reason for the established brands to give out free samples, companies like Jewel do it because they're extremely unheard of, or dont have a product that the community feels are worth repping to other members.

I've yet to see a contest that didnt include either free hookahs / free tobacco / free something as either a prize, or as part of the entrance. Sambooka sets up contests that allow people to get product into their hand for free on a regular basis.

Theres no reason to point out where to get free shisha, as theres a giant thread proclaiming "CONTEST - FREE SHISHA" in the top 25 threads as this very moment Im posting. It took me a whole 30 seconds of using my eyes to figure out how to get free samples should I desire to gather them.

He, very clearly in fact, asked flat out if any websites give away free tobacco, which defeats the entire point of these companies being in business.

There are hundreds of reviews on this site for almost every available Brand / Flavor / Make your own Mix. It takes less than a minute to use the search feature if you have something specific you're looking for, maybe an hour or two to browse through reviews if you're unsure of what you exactly want. Im not insulting him for asking a question, Im insulting him for being a total dick to SamB for no good reason.

Looking at his post history, he has yet to contribute anything of substantial value to the HP Community, posted an offensive thread that was deleted, has now made NHT references, and responds with hostility to people trying to give him legitimate advice.

Im extremely newbie friendly around HP however I would hope people are capable of doing some research on their own before expecting us to start spewing out answers to questions that get asked 10x a week around here.

Being tight on cash is also understandable, but I dont ask for free things just because I cant afford them. If I really dont want to waste my money, I go see what everyone else raves about, and what they tell me to avoid, then ask questions from that perspective, or make my decision based on what I've read.

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