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Smile Thank you to Hookah Store: a fallow up

Last night I posted about how I was getting very anger and annoyed at hookah story with an order I mad with them. At the same time I sent about the same thing into their customer service. Today I work I got a call and I feel like they have gone above and beyond to make thing right and I just wanted to let everyone know.

The call I got was to apologies about what happened and to ashore me that I would get my order. I was also told that they would credit the cost of me sending back the stem I got the fist time around. Now for me that would have been enough assuming that when the box arrives that it has the right stem and hose, but they went beyond that for me. They are having me keep the wrong stem that I got the second time, I really did not expect this and I thing it is really a big thing for them to do. They are also sending me a second hose along with the missing one. I found this to be in addition a very above and beyond.

I just wanted to give thanks to hookahstore for all of this a give credit for doing so much to make something more right. I also want to say that I am glad to hear from my other thread that this isnít the norm and I really just happen to have a fluke bad experience.
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