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Unhappy Somewhat of a newbie, need some tips!

Well I've been smoking hookah for a few years, but I've never had my own hookah until two days ago! The problem is- every time I smoke, I love it of course, but I always end up getting WAY too buzzed (idk if its the nicotine or the general hookah buzz). And so I get nauseous and end up feeling ill .
Is there things I can do to get rid of this? I don't think I'm taking too many hits or anything, I try to space it out.

My rig- KM Americana 34 Inch with jumbo vase (ordered from **********, this thing is BEAUTIFUL), narbish km hose that came with (awesome hose), Egyptian clay bowl, ******* hookah quick lights (usually use two), and I've been using Al Fakher tobacco.

Being a very passionate pipe tobacco smoker, the way this thing gets me too buzzed really surprises me. Any tips guys?!

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