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Default Re: Question for you hookah heads

Not entirely there Kelsey. The larger base helps yes but the gauge of the downstem is also a huge contributing factor. With larger gauges larger bubbling action happens, thus the sound. If you were to stick a pumpkin stem in a large base you would have a bit of the "bass" more or less, but it's still going to be tiny bubbles. The thunderous sound you get from a KM won't be there because of stem gauge.

The QT unlike most smaller hookahs has a considerably larger gauge downstem. My old generic hookah which was twice the height could easily fit the downstem inside the QT's. Yes mixing that with a wider hose will give you the ease and smoke of a KM but due to it's size there are limiting factors. One of them being the harshness of smoke and the ease of sending water to the bowl and the likes. That is partially why most people prefer a KM over smaller MYAs. There is more to it than the smoke, and the biggest thing is the size of it keeps you from wasting tobacco by mistake, and make the sound fans satisfied as well.
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