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Default Re: is there any websites....

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
If there's one thing I've learned from HP you can't rely on member reviews.
Most people just give something a good review if they like it and a bad one if they don't. You should be reviewing the quality, thickness, smoothness of the smoke etc and also how consistent the flavour is with what is should be.

I see members taking off points for stems (I don't like stems either but if they're the small ones it's actually fine to smoke them. I pick them out just because but they're totally smokable).
I see members giving flavours very good ratings that don't even taste like what they're supposed to (obviously I'm talking about Double Apple here, I feel sorry for anyone who's ever tasted an apple like that).
I see members taking off points for the shisha being too wet or dyed, not really sure what that has to do with anything.

And the only way to do consistent unbiased reviews is to use the same coals, same hose etc.
Some people do reviews on a flavour and give it 7/10 then do a review on a coal and give it 5/10 then use that 5/10 coal to do another shisha review and complain that the shisha didn't smoke as thick or some other problems.
I think members should stick to a hookah, hose and coal for the purpose of reviews.
I think its best to listen to the descriptions of tobaccos rather than going on the numbers that members give them. Its exactly as you said, reviews are subjective and giving a tobacco a number may work fine for the simplicity. The empirical descriptions and observations of the tobacco can give you a good idea of whether of not the tobacco is a good fit for you. Lets face it, if I bought any flavor that people have given a 8-10 I'd be out a lot of money and have a whole walk in closet added to my room to hold all the tobacco. The reviews have a valuable purpose but by no means are the be all end all when it comes to buying tobacco, unfortunately experience is just as valuable. 50g-100g tubs are a good way to try out many flavors and not break bank.

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