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Default Re: Has anyone purchased one of these?

I have tried this hookah and it works pretty good. I bought it for x-mas for my bff from

You can get a gold stem if you wanted from h-c.

I thought it didnt come with a wire basket, but it did! And you get freebies and stuff and I don't think it'll have minor scuffs since it isn't on clearance like h-s(you shouls cotact h-c just incase cuz maybe not all of em come with baskets). The hookah I got my best friend was in perfect condition

The only things I seriously do not like is the rough interior of the stem, which makes it seriously hard to clean. Also, the tray doesn't snap on like egyptians.

But what i really like about it is that it looks nice and the vase is acrylic, which mean it probablu won't break as easily as glass

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