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Default Re: About Sahara Smoke Hookahs

I've smoked out of a SS hookah that my friend owns for a few months now and there are some pro's and con's...

-Pro: These things have awesome glass bases that are thick durable and great looking. Go to their website and take a look at some of them, it's like looking into the windows of a candy shop with every flavor.
-Pro: When set up right these are great pipes to smoke from. Using a vortex bowl, defuser, and a wide gauge razzon/nammor style hose on one of these pipes will get you some great smoke in flavor and size.
-Pro: The pull is heavy or "tight" which some smokers love.
-Pro: They are cheaper in almost all cases that a KM or Some of he other bigger name 26''+ hookahs.

-Con: Zinc oxydation can occur on some of their pipes. They coat them to cut down on the rusting of the pipe but after awhile it will grow these white crystals. Not exactly the WORST thing in the world, but not very appealing and it's some what of a bitch to clean out of the stem.
-Con: Like most people have said there is always the chance (or reality) of rusting. You can cut down on this by getting a SS hookah that has a zinc coating, or working super hard to clean it.
-Con: That tight pull tat some people like... well some people hate it as well.
-Con: For 30-50 dollars more you could own a KM or AF hookah so the price may not be all that "reasonable".

These are just the observations I have made with a Sahara Smoke Hookah and while I hope it helps, I would look into what others have said.I'm sure a lot of them have had tons of more face time with these hookah's and will be the one's to set you straight.

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