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Default Re: Another Vortex thread

Originally Posted by RedbullZ View Post
This would make a 3rd replacement since the 1st broke in shipping and the this second one has bad ports. I dont like their order processing either. I called them on like a monday or teusday to get a replacement and it didnt ship out until Friday. I mean WTF come on....

I think ill just try to fix this one and if that dont work, im just gonna contact ********** about a new bowl since I need to order a windcover anyway.
Same thing happened to me. I made and order and the vortex had 1 clogged hole and a "previously clogged but still a thumbtack sized hole so its GOOD TO GO LOL". I raged pretty hard. After the replacement (10 days later) arrived all the holes had the clogged but thumbtack sized hole gtg lol holes in it. I gave this to my broseph and he 'fixed it' and in the process removed most of the glaze. After a few failed contacts with SaharaSmoke I gave up. I made a tobacco order from John along with a vortex and put in the special instructs "Please check to make sure all the holes are open" after I emailed him and he told me to. I wouldn't be that direct on my own yaknow :3
Johns came and it was perfect, because he is not a robot that doesn't care.

That's my story.
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