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Default Re: DFW Tx Hookah Hangout curtoesy of Social Smoke!

Seriously guys? If you are gonna argue about the price and other crap take it to the other thread that already has arguing. Sambooka asked us to post how our experience was and what we liked. He didn't want nonsense started again.

With that being said, you guys that didn't come missed out! The people are awesome, the smoke was awesome, meeting other forum members was awesome, and getting to meet a vendor personally was crazy.

Social smoke tobacco has other flavorful tobaccos beat out for me. JM's doesn't compare, Starbuzz will no longer be bought by me, and some others may get replaced. Traditional tobacco? No, but for nontraditional it is awesome. Yeah they have flavors that don't go over well with me, and they know that and are happy I told them. Cinnamint, too weak for me. Cinnamon Spice, heavy on the spice not enough cinnamon. Cola, don't care for cola. Mobster is awesome! Mojito was good. Baja Blue stands above Blue Mist and Blue Rain.

I'm not saying this because I just got back, I am saying this because it is true. Abrahim was very appreciative of our honest opinion. He will tell you himself that he hates the Tangerine they make. JV said apricot tasted like chapstick. Abrahim appreciated the honesty. There are hit and miss flavors, but you get that with any tobacco. So do not knock this tobacco until you try it. Why bash it if you will never try it? If you try it and hate it, then no problem.

Like I said you guys missed an awesome time. Sambooka has reviews, 3 exact with 3 people doing them. The food was awesome and meeting others from here was a great experience. I recommend you guys do this if you can. Someone can put something together it is well worth it.

Can't wait til the next time. Sorry if I botched your name Abrahim, not good at spelling names!
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