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Default Re: DFW Tx Hookah Hangout curtoesy of Social Smoke!

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Seriously guys? If you are gonna argue about the price and other crap take it to the other thread that already has arguing. Sambooka asked us to post how our experience was and what we liked. He didn't want nonsense started again.
First of all,I'm glad you had a great time Capt. It's great that Abrahim was nice enough to invite our members to his HQ for some fun. It's a rare occassion when such things happen and you all should be honored to have participated.
Now just to be clear, I'm comfortable politely discussing the price of a product when it is brought up. I appreciate your speaking on behalf of Sambooka. He has clearly instructed you to see to it that this thread stays on topic and again, I appreciate that you've taken it upon yourself to instuct me where to post and what to discuss whilst I post in this thread. Your doing a fine job!! But just to be clear, the price of the product was brought up and I chose to chime in. I'm entitled to my opinion and you are not entitled to instruct me to take it elsewhere.
I look forward to trying the SS product and from what I've heard thus far I may very well like. I honestly hope I do. But I don't have to agree w/the price. And I'm entitled to say that! And btw, noone is argueing about anything here. It's a discussion. We've been doing it for years.
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