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Default Starbuzz sampler

Well, i have a friend who owes me - like $45 bucks and he's willing to buy me some hookah related stuff (he's only got plastic - LOL)... so I figured I'd go with some Starbuzz finally...

hit up SS and they have a 5 - 100g deal for $39+/-. Plus a box o' coals and discount - still runs $39 (LOL)

But... what 5 flavors should i try?

I want White Peach... but the others are up in the air!


Chocolate Strawberry
Wild Berry Mint X on the Beach
Raspberry or Strawberry/Kiwi

What ya think? Any differnt MUST HAVE flavors to switch out?

Or should I try something else - make him pay in cash?

Blarg... too many choices, too little cash LOL
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