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Default Re: Weird taste.

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
Aww, I feel so honored. My thread was referenced. lol
It's here:

You bake for more like 2 hours. However, this doesn't sound like moisture damage, which is what my technique would fix. This sounds like something else altogether. Sure hope I never run into this problem. Sounds like a real buzz-kill for a good bowl.

Hope you get things figured out!
Haha, sorry for not crediting by name
I think that I may do this with a lot of my coals as I feel like the lowest amount of moisture would result in the lowest amount of smell during lighting as well.
But more on topic style I think this could help aswell, as I mention before, to burn off anything that is below the coals burning point ofc.
Also if you buy a stove thing from wal greens or similiar, let it burn for a good 10 mins on high, my coals tasted like fish/melting plastic for like 5 minutes the first time I lit it up.
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