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Default Re: Does size matter? (coal)

Originally Posted by DoubleAim 64 View Post
Does the coal matter more or less?
I've seen on different stores coals ranging from basically $3 to $15+. I was wondering does the price make difference in size, or shape, or what? I know I had seen one of the coal with like coconut flavor but does the coal really matter? Does a $3 pack matter so much more than a coconut flavored 12 pack with the same number of coals?
I think the "coconut flavored" coals you're referring to are actually coconut coals which are called this because they are made of recycled coconut shells. The biggest differences to be aware of with coals are natural vs. quick light coals and cubed vs finger coals. Quick lights are coals that can be started with a lighter to start the ignition. Natural coals are coals that have no self lighting mechanism like coconut coals. Finger coals are long "fingers" of coal that have to be scored and cut into small pieces. Cubed coals come precut in their boxes. On the whole it is best to use Natural coals when you can do so, especially if you're sensitive to tastes.

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