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Default Re: Does size matter? (coal)

Pre-cut natural coals (cubes) are roughly the same size across the different brands. The characteristic that affects longevity the most is not the size of the coal itself but rather the density. A denser coal will take longer to light up fully but will generally last longer. You can expect between 40 minutes to one hour of useful life out of Hookah John, Coconaras, ShishaCo and the likes. In order to maximize the life of your coals, I recommend using a wind cover.

This applies to coconut coals, I can't speak for other types of nats such as Exoticas, lemon wood and Japanese (Canary) coals. Non pre-cut coals come in varying sizes and shapes and thus will give you an inconsistent experience unless you decide to cut them into similarly-sized pieces. Bulk coals are generally cheaper.

tl;dr **********.com, get the 120 piece box
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