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I bought a sahara cyclone hookah from sahara smoke a couple months ago to begin smoking my first hookah. Ive been reading that KM hookahs are good to get and im looking to improve my hookah a bit. The main part I want to fix is the stem. The SS hookah I have now, the stem is rusting and the layer of metal on the stem is peeling away. Im wondering If a KM stem would fit into the SS vase that I already have. I just need to replace the stem and nothing else so I don't want to buy a new hookah. The SS hookah I have is medium size and its 20'' from base to top of stem.

I'm also looking to make it taller that 20''. Would a longer stem require me to buy a bigger vase to support it? if so, then I'll just have to get the medium size stem.

And what websites are best to buy a stem at?

This is the one I was looking at. Think it would work?


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