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Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Honey or Molasses are Preservatives it is a known fact that Honey is the only natural occurring Preservative in Nature.
There are many naturally occurring preservatives, ie. salts, sugars, acids, alcohol, etc. Some are not found in amounts that are commercially useful which is why they are recreated synthetically.

Honey can and does spoil/ferment, especially if it's opened or exposed to moisture. Sealed honey has been known to last for centuries but it depends on it's water content prior to sealing and the container it was sealed in. It'll crystallize long before it spoils though but there are ways to remedy that. Honey also can contain endospores that become active when digested which causes botulism in underdeveloped intestines. This is why it is not recommended to give honey to infants.

Sealed molasses generally has a shelf life of 1 year or less depending on the type and if preservatives are added. Blackstrap molasses is more like 2 years. Opened molasses has a shelf life about half that of sealed.