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Default Re: A call to action

Originally Posted by Seth_DeNightshade
It's not the public debate that's the problem (At least within the UK).

It's the fact that the government have already made up there mind to outlaw it. How can you debate the government?

Having said that, I don't personally enjoy sitting in restaurants or pubs and having to breath in cigarette smoke. It actually makes me feel ill. And I certainly do not wish my children to breath in cigarette smoke whilst in aforementioned establishments.

So the smoking ban, in my opinion, is not a bad thing.

The paranoia surrounding smoking however is.

Just my 2pennies.

Well I suppose that the fact is that public smoking will eventually be banned everywhere in the Western world. Still, I oppose it on principle and my comment about smoking in public are basically for Americans as means of informing the public. One should choose sides based upon what is right rather then chance of success.

As to cigarettes I don't like them at all but the truth is that the second hand smoke bit is junk science. The anti-tobacco lobby is about social control based upon pseudo-science and fadism.
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