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Default Re: Searching for that certain grape.

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
I've smoked some new AF grape and it was fine. The ''ketchup'' hype is getting old imo. The new AF is nothing like the flagship flavor many of us fell in love w/years ago. But the new batches are damned close. Keep in mind, if you walk around swinging a hammer, sooner or later everyrthing starts to look like a nail.
Also, keep in mind the OP was asking about red grape.
Originally Posted by Jride View Post
I've never found a grape flavor yet that has met my criteria.

Im looking for a shisha flavor that tastes like a purple grape, maybe grape koolaid, grape juice, a grape swisher cigar. That sort of grape. Ive never been able to find it.

Please help
purple grape abu
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