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Default Re: Fixing Funnel Bowls

Here is the best sollution/Mod out there. I have tried any and all methods and noting works as easily or efficiently as this. Go get a bottle of champagne. Take the cage off the cork and place to the side. Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and enjoy. Take the cage and something as simple as a good nail clipper but a wire cutter works best. remove the part of the cage that twists (the part at the bottom) This will leave you with 4 legs joined by the top circle. Grab your bowl and place the cage in the bowl over the spire, and est where you would need to clip for it to be just slightly above the rim. Clips your legs and modify until each is the perfect height. Once you pack your bowl simply push your new mod over the spire thru the shisha to the bottom of the bowl. NO matter how much coal or foil you put on the the hole will never get covered. Best mod of all time
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