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Default Re: Is this the right way to shed light on Hookah in college?!

Originally Posted by HookahWaffle View Post
The addictive myth to hookah is just that, a myth. I smoke approximately 2-5 bowls a day during my normal time off. However, I've had to go on vacations, business trips, or just plain been out of supplies for periods of 2 weeks to a month. I never get the jitters, I never go "MUST... HAVE... HOOKAH... NOW..."

Addiction has far more involved within the brain than nicotine. Hookah is only as addictive as you let it become.

Edit: I should also note that I had probably a two-month period where I just plain didnt smoke, went from my normal 2-5 a day to 0 a day for two months. Wasnt out of town, had a full stock of supplies. Dont see many "addicts" able to drop their habit for 2 months without the urge to start back up in a much shorter time span. *shrug*
Bold parts +1. I smoked everyday, sometimes twice a day for about a year to a year and a half. Took off for 5 years. Talked about hookah because I love the tradition of it and the hobby of it, but didn't need it. I smoke once a day now and if I miss a day so be it. I don't need it, I just enjoy it.
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