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Default Re: Is this the right way to shed light on Hookah in college?!

Originally Posted by Hookah Wheelie View Post
I just don't know why they insist on this method of providing information to the youth. It's like D.A.R.E. all over again. "Just tell them things that will scare them and let's hope they stay away."
I agree. I wish substance education would be more neutral, allowing people make their own decisions. You're right the education method can be similar to DARE sometimes, which from my perspective did a lot more harm than good.

DARE talked about a lot of different substances, attempting to frighten kids out of ever doing them. Thing is, when kids learned that their teeth didn't turn neon yellow as soon as they smoked a cigarette, a lot of them went off the deep end. It's like, they tried to scare them away from something, but when they found out it was mostly exaggerations, they were emboldened to do a lot more than they might've otherwise.

I just think it would be better to simply present the facts, and let us all make the decisions for ourselves.
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