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Default Re: Desi Murli

Desi Murli is, to put it crassly, the shit.

Not only is it extremely affordable (300 grams for around $5), it has strong flavors that wake you up to what you've been missing.

After smoking Desi Murli, everything else seems very one-dimensional.

The stuff is exotic and spicy. Smoking it for me brings to mind ancient Indian princes smoking in opulent palace gardens. It has a flavor of refinement and complexity that reminds us why tradition is worthy of hanging on to in the face of modernization. It bucks the candy flavors and bright, flashy "BUY ME" packaging because it is fully capable of standing on merit of it's flavor alone.

To put it another way: Before I ever smoked hookah, Desi Murli is what I imagined smoking hookah was like. Spicy, exotic, unique, and often indescribable.
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