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Default Re: still not getting any flavor :'(

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
Hadn't thought of that either. A cheap pipe could definitely have leaks. A single little leak probably wouldn't matter, but a few little leaks together will kill your smoke and flavor. But as long as it seals, even a cheap pipe will deliver flavor and smoke. The mechanics are all the same. You can get good smoke and flavor out of a home made hookah.

Check to make sure the hookah is sealing. Without anything in your bowl. Hold your hand over the top of the bowl so no air can pass. Then, pull on your hose. If you can't pull at all, it's sealing properly. If you are able to pull, there's a leak somewhere. Start removing components one by one, and test again each time to figure out where the leak is.

Sometimes bad grommets and hoses are to blame. On a really cheap pipe, could simply be poor welding.
i understand a cheap pipe is a cheap pipe you get what you pay for.

The thing is, there are no leaks. I always check before each session that it is air tight. I cover and theres no pull. And like you said, even if its cheap it will still work if its air tight.

I understand my pipe is a cheap discounted hookah. But the fact of the matter is even if i bought this same pipe at a hookah shop for 50 bucks it would still be the same pipe just a higher cost.
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