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Default Re: still not getting any flavor :'(

Originally Posted by TerryAki View Post
I understand my pipe is a cheap discounted hookah. But the fact of the matter is even if i bought this same pipe at a hookah shop for 50 bucks it would still be the same pipe just a higher cost.
Be glad you didn't pay 50 bucks for it then. And it's disgusting that there's companies out there that charge so much for such cheap, inferior, potmetal crap.

The fact is, people have such respect for higher-end pipes for a reason. I owned several cheapo-chinese specials in my day and even when they were brand new they failed to deliver a fraction of the flavor that my Khalil Mamoon does.

The simple fact is that a pipe of inferior design, made of inferior materials by means of inferior methods is going to produce an inferior smoke.

I understand that quality pipes can be pricey, but I honestly think it's part of your problem. You've eliminated every other possiblity, but it remains that you're using a sub-par pipe.

In the meantime, toss the quicklights, upgrading to naturals can give you an instantaneous improvement of flavor. I also have found that using a heba diffuser can help quite a bit with improving the experience of smoking these chinese pipes.
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