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Default Is Social Smokes NEW Brand of Shisha Tobacco Made in the USA?

Is Social Smokes NEW Brand of Shisha Tobacco Made in the USA?

That is the very big question that has been on the minds of a lot of people after accusations were made against their claim to be "Made in the USA" shisha tobacco. So in order to answer this question (once and for all) .. I was invited, along with two other hookah connoisseurs, to come and see for myself. I think the easiest way to prove that this is "Made in the USA" is to take a look at some pics from MY PERSONAL iPhone!

Picture 1.) - Where the manufacturing happens! Texas, USA

Picture 2.) In this picture you can see one of the giant boxes filled with imported flue cured Virgina tobacco .. ohhhh such a nice golden color!
Yes it is imported flue cured Virgina tobacco that is MADE INTO shisha tobacco right there in Texas, USA! aka "Made in the USA" .. Let's continue on .. lots more pics to see!

Picture 3.) Each of us got to hold some of the tobacco in our hands to feel how dry it was. I even took a few pieces and chewed it while savoring the juices. Mmmmmm!

Picture 4.) This is a picture of the tobacco during one of its steps towards becoming smokable hookah tobacco deliciousness!

Picture 5.) Just couldn't resist taking some in my hand and seeing how it felt and what it smelled like during this process.

Picture 6.) A picture of a sheet of labels that they print right there at Social Smoke .. by the way .. this is a GREAT energy drink flavor! (aka Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, etc.)

Picture 7.) Hooray! The finished product! .. I took this picture of the shisha tobacco while it was in the tub that they used to complete the final stage for us. They took this very tobacco and set this up for all of us to smoke in their conference room while we were enjoying some delicious green tea that Dr. Sayyid Nadimi personally prepared for us, ate some snacks and had some great conversation with the Nadimi family. They are very well educated, very honest and show a high level of professional integrity in business.

Picture 8.) Here is a pic of us smoking many many many flavors of the new Social Smoke shisha tobacco with Dr. Sayyid Nadimi and his three sons .. Abrahim, Ali, and Muhammad in their personal home.

So is this Made in the USA? Absolutely it is and it is made proudly! I saw it with my own eyes! From the very first stage to the final stage. There are a lot of pictures I cannot show you, other than the ones they approved in this post .. but I can tell you that I also got to see employees packaging right their on location and I also got to see employees getting together a gigantic shipment to be shipped out.

Just so you all know, out of courtesy I ask for their approval to show you the above pictures because this area of the warehouse was guarded with cameras and shielded from employees eyes with high opaque fences! So consider yourself lucky to see some of these pictures.

Like any other shisha tobacco brand .. they have their share of hit and miss flavors. Social Smoke took the time to listen to the Hookah Pro Members input about the tobacco and will be making some changes to the flavors that didn't quite hit as hard as some of the other flavors. Some of my most memorable flavors were Mobster, White Peach, Coconut, Lime, Chai Latte, Cinnamint, Lemon Chill, Baja Blue .. ahhh you know what, just look for my reviews!

I would like to thank the Nadimi family for inviting me and other Hookah Pro Members into their personal home. The food was delicious, the music was great and the memory will last a lifetime for all of us!

I feel very fortunate to make friends with some of the nicest people I have ever met in the hookah industry! These guys truly are very well educated, sincere and show an incredibly high level of professional integrity in business! I am honored to have been given this great opportunity!

Cheers! .. Sambooka
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