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Default Re: Fixing Funnel Bowls

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Not to start anything, but I hear so many great things about Tangiers Phunnel Bowl, yet you have to mod it to get it to work. I have a Havana and have never had to mod it. I also have never had to mod a Vortex to get it to work either. Seems like too much work to enjoy a good smoke. This makes me rethink my wanting to purchase a Tangiers Phunnel. Seems like everything else Tangiers, takes too much work to get a good smoke and is either hit or miss.

Good luck with your mod though!
I've had the opposite My havana only worked with the mods, my new tangiers works perfectly without the mods. But i think my havana may have just been terribly made, the bottom of the bowl was larger than 2 of the mod grommets stuck together.
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