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Default Re: Is Social Smokes NEW Brand of Shisha Tobacco Made in the USA?

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
Before you also start publicly making these claims you should familiarize yourself with the actual FTC policy on the expressed or implied claim of being "Made in USA". It not only applies to product marking but to pretty much every major form of marketing currently used. I've already been in discussion with Abrahim through PMs on another forum about this because I felt they should at least be knowledgeable of the policy so they can better protect themselves if it ever is enforced, which it hasn't as far as hookah products go. That isn't to say that it would not be if more and more attention is brought on this subject.

In short, an unqualified "Made in USA" claim requires that "all significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin." The use of imported tobacco prevents them from meeting that requirement. Cured tobacco is also not a raw material by definition. They could qualify their claims by stating the percentage of US content by means of total cost or by saying something along the lines of "Made in USA from imported tobacco". They do however meet the requirements for an unqualified "Assembled in USA" claim, which is something that cannot be said about manufacturers that start with an imported mu'assel base. If you have any insight into the brands available in the US then you should know exactly which ones do.

If this isn't a thread you started with specific permission from Social Smoke as far as the "Made in USA" content, then I would recommend getting in contact with them about it.
was going to post something to this extent.