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Default Re: Is Social Smokes NEW Brand of Shisha Tobacco Made in the USA?

Thanks to all the users that could make it out this weekend and make the event so successful. Sambooka was gracious enough to take time away from his lovely wife to spend time with us.

Concerning Foibled's post..... Thank you for all the PM's you have sent us. It has been great to have such an active member of the hookah community looking out for us.

We have been in contact with the FTC, unfortunately they do not provide guidance or rulings concerning "Made in USA" claims other than what is on their website. Instead, they instructed us to contact attorney's specializing in FTC rules and interpretation.

There are points on both sides of the "Assembled in USA" and "Made in USA from imported leaf" and the standard "Made in USA" claims.

According to US Customs and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau cured tobacco is actually considered an unmanufactured tobacco and is thus considered a raw ingredient that will ultimately be used in the manufacturing of a tobacco product. Based on our processing cost, cost of raw materials, and the actual percentage of tobacco to final product we feel that our current claim is valid. However, we have NO intention of deceiving anyone. In our initial reply concerning whether we make our tobacco or not we stated we import the leaf:

At this time this issue has been forwarded to our legal team and advisors, and we will make any adjustments deemed necessary.
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