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Default Re: HP Hose

I love this idea. Seriously. And, the idea of needing a minimum number of posts/elite membership is a great way to encourage participation and community pride! Great, great, great idea! Perhaps we could even get John in on things since he's everyone's favorite vendor and really involved in the community. He might be able to do/help with distribution.

Okay, four other thoughts:

1. The hookah end should be short, like the Nammor hoses.
2. The hose itself should be really long, like 9 feet or something. Something that no other manufacturer produces, giving the user a greater sense of exclusivity than if the hose was simply repping HP. Sort of like, "Hey look what my hose can do, you can't get it unless you really get involved at HookahPro!"
3. The hose handle should be really long, like the signature KM hoses. Makes passing really easy, and is great for propping up when you're smoking alone and reading or something.
4. The HP design should be tasteful and classy, not gaudy and in-your-face. In other words, lets not write "HookahPro" in huge red letters down the side.

Those are my thoughts. In fact, if you guys don't make em, maybe I will. Lol. Once again, let me just say how totally awesome this idea is and behind it I throw my full support.
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