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Default Re: Is Social Smokes NEW Brand of Shisha Tobacco Made in the USA?

Originally Posted by Social Smoke View Post
In our initial reply concerning whether we make our tobacco or not we stated we import the leaf:

At this time this issue has been forwarded to our legal team and advisors, and we will make any adjustments deemed necessary.
I have no ties to Social Smoke and based on what I saw Abrahim .. you are in fact manufacturing, making, assembling, etc. your tobacco in Arlington, Texas, USA. Working from a dry leaf into a final product entirely in house.

Pictures have been provided from my visit. Showing various stages of your manufacturing process, what I could without showing any of your trade secrets.

Multiple Social Smoke owners obviously took time out of their busy work days, flew out a few hookah connoisseurs to judge, put them up in a hotel room, fed them, etc. Everything was on their dime so that they could disprove the accusations that John from ********** / ************* made towards Social Smoke.

Let's not forget that other people (me included) had to take time out of our busy schedules to fly to Texas, spent time away from family, miss business, etc. in order to be a judge concerning the proposed bet.

Hookah Pro is for hookah enthusiasts / hobbyists and is not a place to throw accusations around from vendor to vendor in efforts to smear each others' names publicly. I am very disappointed to see that it came to that in public on the Hookah Pro forum. This whole ordeal is being discussed in the Moderator section.

My findings are located at the top of this thread. Two other judges have posted their findings as well. This needs to be resolved a.s.a.p. three of us took time out of our busy schedules, work, families, etc. in order to report our findings. Like I said .. mine are up top. I will be even more disappointed if this is NOT resolved after all the time and energy I have put into this along with everyone else. Our sole purpose was to witness the manufacturing process, which I did witness with my own two eyes and my iPhone!

I am done with this discussion. Resolutions between Hookah John / ******* Hookah and Social Smoke need to happen via another means other than through the Hookah Pro Community.

Closing this thread ..
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