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Default Re: Highest nicotine content?

Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
I think from personal experience that the highest nicotine content out there is Desi Murli, but if you're smoking this only for the buzz then you are missing out. As others have said some of the benchmarks to keep in mind are that most if not all washed tobaccos will have the same tobacco content, unwashed tobaccos tend to vary much more drastically than washed brands will(compare Nakhla to Tangiers to Desi Murli, three entirely different contents based on the type of tobaccos used).

Quoted for truth DM is the brain breaker. But I must say if your looking to explore the full force of tobacco's strength I would suggest getting a medwakh and some dokha from Bassem. Get some Bassem's blend or Mind Fire and I can promise you that you will never smoke hookah for the nicotine but more for the social and fruity tastes aspects.'
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