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Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
John isnt the only vendor we have here at HP that is involved with the community, there are many vendors that take care of HP members and provide good customer service that could fill an order that you guys speak of. But let me reiterate my previous post, get Sambooka's approval before you use the HP name or likeness, its his site and he needs to be in on the process and approve of it in all aspects such as manufacturer, color scheme, name placement etc etc.
I totally agree, there are tons of other vendors who could be involved and I am sure would like to be. The only reason I initially mentioned John was because I was referencing a Narbish specifically as well as the super fancy KM that I bought from him.

I also totally agree that Sam needs to approve this *well* before any production is done. I think that what this thread represents is testing the water to see if there is any interest in something other than a HP t-shirt. We can already see that this idea/concept has progressed from just a hose (with LEDs of course ) to a hose and/or cover and/or glass mouthpiece.

If someone wants to PM Sam and invite him to comment....

Originally Posted by bud mike View Post
hp should make a customized hose that is washable , removable tip for a glass tip or something and like dee said Hp should also make a hose cover.
Originally Posted by tapatio10floz View Post
it should come with a glass tip
I love my glass mouthpieces from Crown Hookas and I know Santino has mentioned being willing to take on custom orders. That's why I suggested him earlier!

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
I use hose covers, they make the hookah look amazing IMO. I agree it would be cheaper so if a hose isn't feasible then at least a HP cover but If the hose goes ahead then why not have both hose and cover?
I love this idea... if its not too difficult, design and produce limited quantities of a Full or Semi Custom Hose, a Custom Cover, and a Custom Mouth Piece. Then allow members to put in orders for what they want/can afford. (IE one of each, just the Cover, Hose and Tip, Hose only, etc) Obviously there are financial issues behind producing more than one item simultaneously but I don't think that is something that can really be evaluated till Sam weighs in with his opinion and, assuming he likes the ideas, quotes are produced.

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I love this idea. Seriously. And, the idea of needing a minimum number of posts/elite membership is a great way to encourage participation and community pride!<snip>
This idea has me a little worried, it makes me feel like we might be limiting the people that could buy the hose/cover/tip (assuming Sam likes the idea). At this point we already have people mentioning that the difference of $20 would be a deal breaker for them. If the community is really gungho on giving preference to the Elites perhaps we would be better served in offering the purchase to Elite members first. Then, what ever items aren't taken up after maybe a week or two are offered to the general members with a $5+ surcharge that goes directly to Sam for upkeep.

Again... just spit balling here!

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