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Default Re: Is this the right way to shed light on Hookah in college?!

Originally Posted by Hookah Wheelie View Post
Some facts are true but the wording for my health class basically gives no real information. Just saying " It's dangerous. You'll get addicted so stay away

No this is not the proper way to introduce hookah. This is more "Abstinence class" scare tactics. (For example: Things I learned in Sex Ed. condoms have millions of tiny holes and they fail, you will get a girl pregnant =no matter what you do= you will probably get AIDS, or some other more disgusting body part mutilating disease and my ULTIMATE favorite... Even if you choose to have sex in another fashion besides V. "The sperm will always FIND a way to get her pregnant" O.o sayyyyyy what?) Now that I have digressed, I will continue w/ the original topic.

1. Yes they are very trendy. It's a double edged sword. It brings new people in but also bring in a lot of dumbasses who taint what hookah is about. Especially with their antihookah propaganda.

2.It is tobacco smoke but it's not the same as cigarettes . It's not processed like cigarettes and has less chemicals/ tar/nicotine than cigarettes.

3. Anything you put into your body is dangerous.

4. I may or may not be addicted to hookah. I think I am more so addicted to sitting on the couch relaxing w/ my husband and my cats while I have a good smoke. I can go on trips without any signs or symptoms of withdrawal. ( I smoke at least 1 bowl a day, sometimes more) and I have been on plenty of trips and vacations without my hookah. Never had an issue with cravings, or irritability from lack of hookah.

5. They SERIOUSLY need to stop saying that flavors are added JUST TO APPEAL TO KIDS/ YOUTH. If it tasted like ass, nobody is going to want to smoke it. If it tastes good, EVERYONE will smoke it. WOW. That's a really hard decision, I think it should be flavored!

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