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Default Re: A call to action

I've had this discussion with several people this weekend alone. It's kinda annoying repeating myself so often, but worth it if just ONE person postivily spreads the words that HOOKAHS are not illegal items.

My BF doesn't mind me smoking, although he doesn't enjoy hookahing as much as myself (and he bought the 1st one!), but allowed me to buy my travel hookah - and now won't let me BRING IT ANYWHERE! He's too worried about what other people and possibly cops will say or do!

Little does he know, that I have FULL INTENTION of smoking in public! There's a beach within walking distance I am planning on visiting as well as a very large public park. One park I did see "No Smoking" notices out - but that's becasue it's a wildlife center as well.

I found a few more places in town that may even allow the hookah as well... but again, happy little BF doesn't want me to take it out! ARGH! It drives me bonkers!
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