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Default Re: still not getting any flavor :'(

Originally Posted by TerryAki View Post
yes i am.

Ladies and gentlemen i may have found the issue. I took a deep look down my stem, shit was dirty as hell. I guess i didn't once think to believe that a company would sell me a shit dirty hookah. I cleaned the hell out of the inside of the stem and scrubbed it and black crap came out. it looks like residue from a bunch of sessions when in reality i did not have that many.

I cleaned it out and i hope to give it a test run later when my dad goes to sleep. thank you everyone for your help and input. I'm sorry for bothering you guys so much, but i greatly appreciate it
No worries.

It'll be really interesting if that's the culprit. That would definitely be new to me. So I don't think I quite understand. Did it come with a bunch of crap in the stem, or have you had a handful of successful smokes, then nothing? Or did I miss it altogether?
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