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Default Re: still not getting any flavor :'(

Originally Posted by Laimis View Post
I think you just can't taste it, for example I feel burnt taste, I give it to my bro and he's smokes it like the taste is good... O.o
I HATE THIS. My husband "hot boxes" my hookahs all the time. He hands it to me, I take 1 pull, and I'm coughing my lungs out. I glare at him and he declares " but it wasn't hot!" We have very different "harsh meters" apparently because I will cough at the littlest throat tickle/ harshness where he won't even notice!

As for OP's question. We need more information. How do you set up your bowls? (Packing, foil holes) How many coals do you use at a time? Have you let them completely ash over before putting them on the bowl? Do you have some kind of wind cover to heat the bowl up for optimal heating and then add and remove as needed?

I have found that generally every al-waha I have ever tried w/ the exception of after 9 is flavorless. I hate al-waha, and will never buy it again.

nm.. I posted too soon iw/out reading the rest of the post. I hope the "crud" is the problem. If not, we'll help you diagnose.

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