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Default Re: Stomach Aches at the begginng of sessions.

Originally Posted by Kerbz View Post
That happens to me but with all my flavors, I don't know whats wrong with me
Is it like a gut wrenching feeling? Like you have an upset stomach? I know that on occasion, when I put coals on the burner to light, that the coals will make my stomach wretch (even the naturals do it too). My only conclusion is that it only happens when the coals are being lit or when they are just put on the bowl. :/ so it must have something to do with the act of lighting the coals and the gases they produce while igniting/ being ignited.
The pain is usually very intense in my lower gut, and I usually have to go to the restroom (I know.. I know, tmi )but then I drink water, rehydrate and eat something. That helps out a lot.

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