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Default Re: Stomach Aches at the begginng of sessions.

Have a break man. I used to get like this too and ALOT with all tobacco flavours etc. Mine was a combination of smoking Nargile alot over a 1 - 2 month period, bad batch of tobacco, not eating, bad coal etc.

I take breaks from smoking nargile now and eat befo sessions this has helped alot with the sick feeling. What Ill usually do is have a week on and a week off from Nargile. Week on i smoke as much as i want then take a week off which is usually my work week. I keep raving on about it but using a phunnel bowl has helped alot aswell.

Sometimes its just genes man some ppl I know can smoke all day everyday and not get effected some ppl like me arent used to tobacco/nicotine and get effected easily, this is why i want to try some herbal tobbacco like hookah hookah evolution. hope that helps !
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