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Default Re: Highest nicotine content?

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Get some Bassem's blend or Mind Fire and I can promise you that you will never smoke hookah for the nicotine but more for the social and fruity tastes aspects.'
Just be careful, please. If you were to mix in too much dokha, or a blend like Lightning or Persian, you could make someone very ill from the extreme high nicotine content. These two blends are essentially straight tobacco leaves, cured only in the sun for about 5 days, chopped up, mixed with a few spices, and bottled. Hence their bright green colors.

Our friend Sui seems to have developed a preternaturally high nicotine tolerance. A beginning smoker could easily pass out or vomit if unknowlingly consuming dokha as described above.

Which, I must admit, when said person may be one of your brothers obnoxious 'I know everything about hookahs friends', is a pretty darn funny thing to watch! (Umm, I would imagine.)
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