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Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post

I am hoping on some flavor suggestions. I currently have:


And a very small amount of Blueberry.

What I'm thinking about ordering:

Spicy Apple
Coffee (Hajo loves this one, so I definitely have to try it)
Raspberry (A favorite)
Strawberry Milkshake

They also offer Mint and Mentos, both of which I'm very curious about. Please comment on either of those if you have tried them!

I'm on the fence about ordering so far, but it is such a wonderful tobacco and it's also the cheapest... Plus it will all possibly be taxed at a higher rate very soon... So I'd love some comments.

Most of what I have is more traditional, and while all Desi Murli is more traditional than other things offered in the USA, I'd love to try something of theirs that is different than what I currently have.

Thanks guys. (And by the way, 1500g of their tobacco would cost about 38 dollars shipped. Just an unbeatable price.)
This is very close to the order I was considering for when I have money! (What you have, I mean.) I'll make sure to go look at the reviews and try to "feel" each flavor but I definitely was thinking traditional. I was also intrigued by lemon/lime; if you get it be sure to share what you think please.
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