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Why are we limiting ourselves to hoses? Why not start a whole HP line of custom products. We could have a whole line of HP products. Like clothes and hookah accessories. I know, including myself, there are several designers on the forum that could contribute to the whole design work. And I know I would ask for no money at all for the work. I would be contributing to the community. So it could be a cost efficient way to come about the items. And we could have the input from members to help get a finished product that everyone will enjoy. Of course the supply and production process would have to be up to Sam and who he chooses. If he would be willing for such a thing. We could add a whole new hookah shop to the website and increase the amount of money flowing into the website to help with the upkeep of the site and into Sam's pocket. I am pretty sure he deserves it for all his hard work and dedication.

Although we need to start off slowly, if we indeed do start something like this. Maybe start with the t-shirt idea that has been brewing for a long time now. And then the other products like hoses and things can come after, depending on the success of the shirts.

We are awaiting your orders Sam
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