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Default Re: Soex or Al Fakher

First of all if you are new to narghile stuff you best keep in mind that you won't get a good session until you get your setup right and that takes a while for most people. Secondly, people new to the hobby often buy mediocre to crappy rigs and that will effect your session as well. Third, you do need to use high quality coals and make sure they are fully lighted before you smoke and you need to get your heat management method right for what ever it is you are smoking.

AF is a great brand and Soex is pretty mediocre but better then some real shisha that is out there. Still if you have a decent rig and have setup your stuff right you can get an o.k. session out of Soex. Even still, everything is very dependent upon heat management and since I don't use Soex I can't say what the trick is to using it. The thing to do is to ask a Soex fan how he manages heat.
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