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Default Re: More Texas Tobacco Tax Woes

Originally Posted by Special K View Post
Does hookah-shisha not charge it up front? Or at all? I havn't ordered from them in a long time.

I think if you order via Texashookah, you don't see it charged (except 8.25% sales tax) and then you get a call/e-mail if it applies to you saying, "Yo, the Tax Man cometh!"
I asked them and made sure 3 times before I got off chat. All they charge is sales tax. What I don't understand is why.

This is not sales tax for those that don't know. We get 8.25% added for that. This is a tax strictly on tobacco, it may be called sales tax, but I call it tobacco tax.

50g= $3
100g= $6
250g= $15

So you order 3 250g of Nak at $10. You add an additional $45. So your $30 of Nak just turned into $75.

Now if we order outside of Texas there is no tax. If you live outside of Texas and order from Texas it will not effect you.
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