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Default thinking about turning my garage into a smoke/chill zone

This might get a little needlessly long..

Its not connected to our house. now we pretty much just use it to store stuff and for yard equipment. Its gotten pretty junky in there since we basically just throw stuff in there and don't really keep it organized (and there is a lot of crap we should just throw away)

But i started this project just out of sheer boredom and the fact that i went out there and pretty much couldn't walk through there was so much stuff lying around. A little organizing went a long way though.

Anyway the main reason i'm posting this is for suggestions. Do you think this is a good idea? i was thinking maybe get a couch and stuff for el cheapo (or free! CRAIGSLIST!) i just want kind of a space were i can have some friends over and chill and maybe smoke.. maybe get a tv and stuff... course at this age i really should be looking into moving out heheheh

i have pictures too if your interested.. it was still a mess when i took them (for before and after YOU KNOW)
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