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Default Need help picking my next hookah...

So, I'm in the market for a new hookah. The Sahara is getting retired, and the KM is too big to transport easily and a hassle for quick smoke sessions.

Looking to get a Mya, probably one under 15 inches, unless it really makes a difference. I just don't know which of the Myas are decent. I'm looking for something that I can easily throw in a bag and pop over to a friends, something small enough I can set it on the desk while I'm working, something that I don't have to break out the bathtub to clean. Budget's not really an issue because the Myas don't tend to be that expensive anyways.

I've heard that the Petites have bad glass and the smoke's a little warm. I don't know much about the Gelato, Razo, QT, Piccolo, Chic or Nou Nou. And is there a real difference between the Econos and the regulars? I know there's probably review's, but I haven't come around them yet and don't have alot of time lately to go surfing around looking...

Thanks guys!


I forgot to mention that I'd prefer something that I will be able to use a Razan hose with, and will take other bowls than just the Mya bowl. I am in love with my Vortex bowl...

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