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Default Re: thinking about turning my garage into a smoke/chill zone

Oh yeah, I love my setup and if you customize it to your liking you'll be happy you did.

I usually smoke at my computer when I'm by myself but if people are over there's a large couch, a recliner, and a few other chairs to pull up around a cedar chest. It's very near the computer so I can put on any tunes I wish. And there's a TV. Also a coffee maker and a microwave in close proximity, as well as two coil burners. All I'm missing is a sink, there's a refrigerator and freezer around the corner. A bed too actually, and it's nice that it's not mine, it's a place where guests can sleep comfortably.

I want to set it up so I can watch videos from my computer on the large TV, and probably get a nicer sound system for the music. Maybe a fan too.

Smoking a hookah while in a recliner is great by the way, pack something like Desi Murli and you'll be glad you're in it.

I didn't really buy anything for the setup I just got lucky with having everything, so look around, it might be like mine and cost you nothing. Literally bought none of these for the setup. And if you're not so lucky then you can replace certain things.. Get an old radio, or a styrofoam cooler, and like you said craigslist would provide some opportunities.
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